B & Q, Know How, DHLWAREHOUSES OPERATIVES (UK: Doncaster) Англія

B & Q, Know How, DHLWAREHOUSES OPERATIVES (UK: Doncaster)  Warehouse operative: Work in this industry varies from basic operative work to roles that require the operation of machinery, or the ability to assist other operatives in the warehouse, assist with storage or product labeling, and maintain records. Most roles involve picking and packing of stock, processing inbound and outbound receipts, operating warehousing systems and otherwise helping to ensure dispatch timetables are met. Work can often involve night shifts or long hours. Remuneration is typically on an hourly-wage basis. A rate of £ 7.50 can typically be expected, though rates for some roles can range up to £ 8.00 (night shifts). Remuneration will be paid weekly (the first time after 2 first weeks and after every week) transport to / from work is £ 5.00 daily (it’s a responsibility of the employee and needs to be paid daily in cash) The employer will help with UK Bank account, NIN and e t c.  AC ACORN. office@acorn.lv  +37167501818  Licence Nr. 5/2013 LR LM NVA no 16.04.2013